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    Internet connection failure

    I've been trying to get online using my psp but i can't.
    1.I go to network settings 2.Infrastructure mode 3.New connection 4.scan 5. the access point my computer uses comes up and i click on it ( signal strength 75%-100% ) 6.I go to the WLAN security setting and choose WEP 7. then i type in the WEP Key 8. then i set the address settings on easy 9.then i set the connection name 10. then i go over and save setting 11. it says save completed, then i test the connection 12.then this message pops up "A connection error has occurred. A connection to the access point could not be established. Check the security settings for the network and try again.
    Connection Name " "
    SSID " "

    I don't understand what is wrong. A big thanks goes out to whoever solves my problem.
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