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Thread: Looking for PS4 friends to record YouTube videos! - PlayStation Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Looking for PS4 friends to record YouTube videos!

    What I am looking for?

    So I am looking for around 7 people to record PS4 videos for my YouTube channel. I have been mostly playing MineCraft on the PC but I don't want to be stuck on that. I want to play games like GTA and Watch Dogs. I normally get my games around 1 week after, at the most 1 month.

    What kind of people am I looking for?

    I am looking for some funny players, someone who is available a lot. I want a mix of male and female players, if possible people around 12 - 18 years old.

    Warning about me!

    Someone quick warnings about me. I am very open about stuff and tell it how I see it. I am not an angry guy and try to look for the fun in things. I mostly always the woman’s side (I don't know why). I love trolling people and can get very annoying from time to time, don't worry not is a pushy way, I try to keep my humour to a upbeat level and never want to push others away. I don't spam but like to keep in contact with others.

    So, what to do?

    1. Copy the name "Stentrikion", or remember it.
    2. Go to your PS4 and enter the name into the add friend future.
    3. If given option to add a custom message with your request please write the following sentence, "Hey, I am from the PS4 forum".
    4. Await a reply from me!
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