Iíve always been a fan of classic video game systems. These systems are the games that Iíve grown up with and Iíll always love them no matter how much time passes. I still own both my original Nintendo and my Super Nintendo system. Whenever I have time and I want to experience how it is to play these games on the physical system, I pull them out and plug them into the television. After that, I relive all of the moments of the past. I donít think Iíd ever want to sell either of them.

On the other hand, I know people who donít value these classic systems the same way that I do. Theyíd rather get rid of their entire collection of classic video games and the systems that accompany them. Their reasons are either to clean out their houses, or theyíre just focusing on all of the current video games. I donít think I could ever really identify with that.

Would you consider selling your old systems at any point in time?