Since the last topic about this is already almost 9 years old and I wouldn't want to commit a crime known as necro-bumping, I've decided to post a new topic. People get all mad if someone either bumps an old topic or posts a new one even if there is one already. I'm going to go with the one that isn't considered that bad - posting a new one.

Also, admit it... you wouldn't have remembered/cared about the fact there was a topic like this already.

Don't lock this? Please? For being honest? :L

So anyway.

If you ask what is my favorite brower game, it is probably Hunter X Online. It's a pretty cool ""strategy"" game set after zombie apocalypse. You must regain control of lots of different kinds of things such as stores, bars etc. Bonus points for the fact it doesn't shove purchasable things such as e.g. new map in your face. I don't think there even is any of those. There wasn't when I last played it though.

If you ask what is my favorite non-Flash browser game... it removes a lot of games. I guess I'll have to go with RuneScape. It is the only one I remember playing that doesn't rely on Flash.

What is your favorite browser game?