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    Dungeon Pain

    Imagine a hurricane ripped from the chain, a concentration of hatred and ecstasy! You either will go through this game to the end, while in berserker mode, or you will go to the surgeon to sew on your torn fingers. And then back to Dungeon Pain again!
    Whether Geometry games are the ordinary runners? Forget it! Dungeon Pain will be your personal hangman.
    All your life's difficulties and problems are children's babble compared to the feelings, which you will have when playing this game.
    It is impossible to overcome this dungeon in one way, thatís why you will feel a crazy delight again with each new passage.
    Before starting the game, it's best to immediately register for an appointment with a psychiatrist. And before taking a psychiatrist, advise him to also make an appointment with a psychiatrist!
    Are you ready to learn the limits of your capabilities?
    Then remove the animals from the screen and forward.
    Swing faster, while Dungeon Pain isnít aligned to the mass destruction means, because it is much more powerful.
    This is a crazy adventure of geometric shapes, perhaps in one of the most complex and impossible games. Have fun!

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