This is the walkthrough, solution, guide and help for Disaster Will Strike Level 20.
You will get tips or clues of how to beat and answer to the game.

1. Place the Landslide in the ground below any one of the 2 brown eggs.
The egg will drop down onto the brick wall.

2. Repeat the above step for the other brown egg.
Now both brown eggs are confined in the holes formed by Landslides. (see picture)

3. Set the Wind blow left.
The wheeled structure will travel left and several events will happen:
(a) its wheels will crash 2 brown eggs.
(b) the top horizontal bar will be displaced and smash the purple egg. (see picture)
(c) boulders will slide left and knock down the glass house.
(d) boulders will go into the house and smash all eggs there.

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