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Thread: Why are some of Nintendo 64's games worth so much now? - Nintendo 64 Chat (View Game Forum)

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    Why are some of Nintendo 64's games worth so much now?

    We have an old Nintendo 64, that we no longer play with and a ton of games for it. I just recently started using eBay. I searched a few of the games that I had, and found out that people were buying some of these games for between $20 and $50 per game! And, these were USED games, not BRAND NEW. The ones that I had the most luck with were the Mario Party games (1, 2 & 3). Mario Kart 64 was also priced pretty high as well, along with a few others.

    Does anyone know why certain games for the Nintendo 64 are going for so much money, while others you couldn't get rid of no matter how hard you try?

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    I think ebay cheats in their auctions or on their regular site. Some games had extravagant prices and when I looked them up on amazon they were half the price. New ones on amazon are fake since they cost like 200$ but u can get used cartridges for $15 for super Mario 64. Ocarina of Time is a must buy (used is only $19).
    N64 games are sky-high expensive because its an oldie console. THink of it as buying an antique car. You can get nicely priced used games on amazon. U should try it. Look up final fantasy too!

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    Exactly, they are old and that's why they are expensive. I have Mario Party, Super Mario and Mario Kart and I would like to buy new ones as well. They remind me of my childhood. )
    Btw, is it possible to play N64 on new TVs?

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