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    Cheap Xbox Controllers

    A few months ago, one of my friends was in dire need of a new Xbox controller. The one that he had, had since bit the dust so to speak. They are hard to find in any gaming stores, or any stores anymore.

    He asked me to try and find him one online. The first place I looked was eBay, and I hit the jackpot. Tons of people are trying to sell their old Xbox controllers that they no longer want. I even found one company that was selling brand new - factory sealed Xbox game controllers for $13. I jumped at the chance, and bought him one. He was extremely happy with my thriftiness.

    Anyone else use eBay as a way to find cheap new or used accessories for their Xbox?

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    I dont use ebay but I know some places to find cheap items like that. I know that every person cant spend on these things and an average income person has to spend wisely when spending on these items. I have experience of shopping them with little budget I once used coupons from Best Buy through this but the discount is reasonable and not well. You cant consider it a big deal but still it is reasonable.

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