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Thread: The Injustice iOS game is free-to-play, and available now! (and you should - Injustice: Gods Among Us (View Game Forum)

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    I agree with Michael X Riojas Injustice is doing an Injustice ignoring android users and favoring Apple

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    It's a cool game, but there is a problem with buying the starter pack. It said you would get three characters if you bought it, but I only got two and not three as it was stated. Hopefully the developers will answer my email soon.

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    There not going to answer to anyone about the android.. they haven't for days now

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    Where's the Android love?

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    The game is awesome injustice! Keep up the good work! Nobody says anything when there's console exclusives so this is pretty much the same thing. Excited for the batman beyond skin!

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    Why isn't there an android version?

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    why cant i unlock knightfall bane for the console? i rated the game twice and it still didnt work.

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    God dammit! Do I really need to buy an iPad or an iPhone if I want all the unlockable content for my console? That's fucking dumb... I can't afford an iPad or an iPhone, and I'm lucky I could even get enough money and save it for the game itself. So not fair. Now I won't be able to get some pretty good skins that should be in the game no matter what

    You should've made it so the people that have the iStuff would get it before us, the people that can't buy a god damn iThing, so we'd have to... I don't know. Complete S.T.A.R. Labs and Battle mode one hundread times, while the iPhone users would get it right away if they unlocked it from the mobile .__. Like... it doesn't make a lot of sense

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    release one for android

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    Android users say, "Wahhhhhh" shuddup. It's a lame dick tease anyways

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    Actually Bobby, console exclusives are why I didn't buy Street Fighter x Tekken. It still annoys me but I'm willing to not buy something because of it. Especially when said exclusive content doesn't make sense. I bought MK 9 because I understood why Kratos was an exclusive. This on the other hand makes no sense

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    Can I get an Android version please.

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    Is there an android?

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